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Hello, and welcome to! North Arkansas Puppies is located in Batesville, Arkansas, and we are not a kennel. We are simply a family that loves puppies of all kinds. We currently breed four types of breeds: Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, Cavapoos, and Miniature Poodles. We want others to be able to experience the ability to own and love one of these breeds and continually be amazed at their intelligence and beauty. Dogs are family, and we have chosen breeds that are family-friendly and so easy to love. We want to find homes in the United States for our future puppies that have a hard time finding these breeds in the areas that they live. Even though the breeds we chose are widely known about and are becoming increasingly popular, they are still hard to find in certain areas from reputable breeders that truly give the best care and love to their dogs.

Goldens range from completely solid white to a regular golden color and to a dark red. We do not currently own any white English Cream Goldens, but we do have the lighter colored Goldens and dark red Goldens. Weights can also vary with Golden Retrievers. Our adult Goldens range from around fifty to over ninety pounds. The male Goldens typically weigh more than the females. Our miniature poodles are all red and all weigh less than twenty pounds, and our standard poodle is around seventy pounds.

​Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world and especially in the United States. Every family in America seems to have the desire to introduce one of these furry additions to their household because of their intelligence and carefree, laidback personalities. They love to play and love attention. They are eager to please their owners and are fast learners. They are fourth on AKC’s list of most trainable dogs and are listed on the Smartest Dogs page on the AKC website. AKC is an acronym for the American Kennel Club, which registers purebred dogs. AKC was founded in 1884 and has continued to have an excellent reputation of authenticity to our present day. If you purchase an AKC registered Golden, you will receive their registration papers as well as thirty days of insurance that will be provided by AKC once you register your new puppy. If you purchase a Goldendoodle, they will come with a CKC paper because they are a mixed breed and AKC does not recognize Goldendoodles as a breed at this time. The puppies that come with a CKC paper also receive a special offer for insurance as well.

​Because of our love for one of our most favorite breeds, Golden Retrievers was our first choice of breed to add to our family. But due to the popularity of Goldendoodles, we then decided to purchase a standard apricot AKC poodle, and we found that Goldendoodles was also a breed that we instantly fell in love with. Goldendoodles are also exceptionally smart and do not shed as much as Golden Retrievers, which makes them perfect for people that have allergies. When we began selling standard Goldendoodles, we discovered that many people are looking for smaller Goldendoodles to add to their family. We then decided to purchase a miniature poodle so we would be able to breed miniature Goldendoodles. Once we received our precious male miniature red poodle, we fell in love once again with a different breed and chose to adopt female miniature red poodles so we could breed them also. We traveled hours to find our Goldens and Poodles and knew that their offspring would be of top quality and be very intelligent because of how amazing our adult dogs have all proved to be. They all seem to be superior in intelligence and personality. They are also all very beautiful with gorgeous coats. We have had many of our new puppy buyers contact us months later after adopting their puppy and let us know how impressed they are with our puppies’ intelligence and exceptional personalities. From the moment our puppies are born, we strive to give our puppies the best possible care that they need to not only survive but thrive and grow rapidly. Our whelping females are each given a whelping box that allows plenty of space for the puppies to move around and not get caught underneath the moms as they come in and out to feed and check on their new babies. We have researched, talked to other breeders, and talked to multiple veterinarians about the best types of medications and ways of taking care of our puppies so that they are ready and healthy at nine weeks of age to go to their new homes. The puppies will receive their first 5-way vaccination at six weeks of age and second 5-way at nine weeks of age and will be dewormed weekly from two weeks of age. They will also receive two intranasal Bordetellas, one at 7 weeks and one at 10 weeks. The puppies are given colostrum when they are first born to give them plenty of energy and strength to start feeding from the mother. The puppies are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to staying indoors. They will not be placed on the bare ground due to us providing protection from parvo, parasites, fungus, or any other type of diseases.

​You can place a deposit for a puppy using different payment methods including Venmo, PayPal friends and family, the Cash app, or Zelle. You can also finance a puppy using PayPal credit, and if you pay the balance in full within 6 months, you would not have to pay any interest. Please contact us if you would like to place a deposit, and we will give you that information! We also accept deposits for future litters.

​If you decide to purchase one of our precious puppies, you can be assured that you will be receiving a well taken care of, loved, healthy, and intelligent new addition to your family. We have multiple litters a year, so be sure to check on regularly to keep updated on what puppies are upcoming or available. We look forward to hearing from you!

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