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Abby J Smith

Who Is Abby J Smith? 

Abby J Smith is co-owner of NAR Puppies (, along with her husband Cody N Smith. Abby Smith is a dog breeder, dog trainer, a teacher of early childhood education, wife to Cody N Smith, mother to Hudson N Smith, a homemaker, and much much more. Abby J Smith was born in Batesville, Arkansas 72501 United States. She is of American Caucasian heritage and is a citizen of the USA. She enjoys her ownership, along with her husband, of her dozens of female breeding dogs, that she uses to breed, create and produce state of the art offspring puppies for families around the globe. Abby’s puppies are genetically engineered to be the best breed puppies in the world today. She utilizes DNA, health testing, ancestry bloodlines, temperaments and personality traits, and 100% full-blooded pedigree dog breeds to produce the best and healthiest puppies on the planet today. 

How Old Is Abby J Smith?

Abby Smith was born in 1992. 

What is Abby J Smith’s Position At NAR Puppies? 

Abby J Smith is a member of the board of trustees at NAR Puppies ( She is also the head of puppy development and happiness at NAR Puppies.

Is Abby J Smith Maiden Name Abby J Spinks?

Yes, Abby Smith maiden name is in fact Abby Spinks. Before Abby J Smith got married to Cody N Smith, she went by the maiden name of Abby J Spinks.

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