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NAR Puppies Terms And Conditions

This contract herein, is a legally binding legal doctrine between members(customers) and brand, business, NAR Puppies. This page represents the official "Terms And Conditions" of the brand NAR Puppies, and it's corresponding website (, mobile apps, and any other electronic device used by members(customers) to access our services and servers that make up the brand NAR Puppies and it's corresponding technology.


To make this legal contract document easier to understand for our members(customers), this legal doctrine will use many commonly asked questions and concerns that past customers may have had, as well as questions they need to know, and then explain the correct answer.

This legal doctrine is copyrighted itself, herein, under the USA and international copyright laws around the globe. This document, known collectively, in whole, not in part, as "NAR Puppies Terms And Conditions" is fully, 100% owned, written, maintained, structured, and developed for the business operations of the brand, business, known collectively as NAR Puppies. This legal contract, herein, can be changed at anytime, without prior warning, by NAR Puppies to better reflect business policies, and to better protect core business interest, as well as the interest of the members. The update, current copy of the doctrine will be listed and available to view at and any member may view it at anytime.


1:1 This contract, legal doctrine uses many terms, keywords, and phrases which all members(customers) reading might not fully understand. This section will emphasize and define the meaning of these terms, keywords, and phrases as they are meant to be understood, or interrupted by the member(customer).


1:2 The word member(s) means, you, user, current device, current person, customer, that is currently using any service that makes up the brand NAR Puppies. Members are not the owners of NAR Puppies in any part, they do not hold ownership in NAR Puppies. However, Members are highly valued people that make up the community of NAR Puppies.

 1:3 The keywords, NAR Puppies means any all collective words of the business, DBA, brand, known in whole are in part as NAR Puppies. Works, including written works, electronic works, digital works, website works (, mobile app works (Google Play App Store, Apple App Store), breeding works, scientific works, canine bloodline works, canine DNA works, paper documents, website design, sales techniques, dogs, puppies, canines, ancestry canine data, breeding techniques, and anything else relating to NAR Puppies, including intellectual copyrighted works of NAR Puppies or it's owners.

 1:4 The word breeder, refers to any person, individual, family, or business that raises animals, specifically in this case puppies.

Profiles And Community Features Guidelines

2:1 Community features at NAR Puppies are currently available to use by our members, as long as such members to not disobey this contract, or cause harm in community. Members can report other members, as well as block other members, to help protect themselves, as well as others on the NAR Puppies community network. With this being said, for this reason, if a user is without a doubt harassing another member(s), the member(s) causing the harm will be banned from our network and no longer welcome. We ask that all members only post material, including any text, images, videos, links, urls, files that are, animal related, dog related, family friendly, children friendly, that is also spam-free, non-advertisement, non-affiliated, no soliciting, no sexual content of any kind, no rated R, or rated Mature, or adult only content of any kind is allowed. While we do want members to post animals, dogs, puppies, and canines and more, we do not allow other members that are breeders, affiliates, salesman, broker, or third-parties to sale, adopt, trade dogs or puppies as a breeder.

2:2  Private Chat is available for NAR Puppies members that wish to have anonymous private conversations with other members on the network. We except all members to adhere to same rules as stated in 2:1.


2:3  Blocking controls in the NAR Puppies community is extremely easy. If a another member on the network is anyway making you feel uncomfortable, you may simply click on that user, and click the "block" button to no longer have to deal with that member, We also recommend contacting NAR Puppies directly if the member in question is reasonably causing you harm, or acting out in an unfair way towards you. At that time NAR Puppies will review and take steps necessary, if needed to help you block that user, and possibly remove the user from the network in full.

2:4 Profile names of members on the NAR Puppies community network must be real names, or they can be a username. This holds true as long as the member creating the profile name adheres to the rules set forth about text, and content in section 2:1.


3:1 Breeders, even more specifically dog breeders are not allowed to talk to, communicate with, offer to, or sale to member(s) of the NAR Puppies community network. See section 2:1 on community messaging and content posting rules. Only the brand, breeder, business called NAR Puppies and the owner can offer adoption of puppies for sale.

Google Ads

3:1 Members of the NAR Puppies community network will be shown third-party ads by Google and and Google partners. These are the only ads allowed on the network, and members will see the form of banner advertisement from brands and business around the globe. The ads are served by Google, but the content as far as images and text are often the creation of the business in question doing advertising. When a member clicks on a banner ad on NAR Puppies, the member is re-directed in the browser to an external link, this external link is the advertisers link, and is not affiliated with NAR Puppies.

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