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Cody N Smith

Who Is Cody N Smith? 

Cody N Smith is a mini Goldendoodle breeder, among many other trades, skills, and endeavors. However, Cody N Smith is most known for as the CEO, owner, and founder of NAR Puppies. NAR Puppies, his company's brand name, is also know commonly as on the web, and on social media channels you may find our fan pages at @narpuppiescom, #narpuppies and #narpuppiescom. Now some additional information about Cody N Smith. Cody N Smith was born and raised in the small city of Batesville, Arkansas 72501 in the United States. He was born in 1990, along with his twin sister Camee R Smith. Today, at the time of this article Cody N Smith enjoys spending time with his son Hudson N Smith, and his wife Abby J Smith, and his many many animals, along with the puppies he raises and breeds for families all over the USA. Cody and Abby specialize breeding, raising, and training their Goldendoodle puppies, however they are also reputable and known for their Golden Retriever puppies, Maltipoo puppies, Cavapoo puppies, Poodle puppies, in the common sizes of toy, miniature, medium, and standard sizes as well in these breeds. Cody N Smith personal fan pages and hashtags can be found on social media channels at @codynsmithofficial, #codynsmithofficial. To view the available puppies from Cody N Smith, click the menu on this website and click the puppies for sale category listing page to view available puppies.

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