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Why are Goldendoodles expensive?

Updated: Feb 25

Today, here at, Cody N Smith will address the common question "why are Goldendoodles expensive?".

Why are Goldendoodles Expensive?
Why are Goldendoodles Expensive?

While this question isn't for everyone, it is for some people reading in today. NAR Puppies will address this question with an answer from the professional Goldendoodle dog breeder, and the founder of NAR Puppies Cody N Smith.

This question should not be taken lightly, as a Goldendoodle is living mammal, a dog, a canine, a personality, and a brain. Many families consider their Goldendoodle part of their family, and don't just view their NAR Puppies Goldendoodle as a pet, as an animal, but simply as a loved member of their family.

Goldendoodles are family pets, water dogs, they are energetic, and they are one of the smartest dog breed pedigrees in the world.

The NAR Puppies Goldendoodle is unique from other dog breeds, and it shows highly.

The reason for the question, why are Goldendoodles expensive? The price at NAR Puppies includes and starts with special daily care and love for the female (mom) Goldendoodle parent carrying the offspring Goldendoodles for many months before they are even born into our world.

DNA analysis, and trait analysis, and personality analysis also go into creating and designing the Goldendoodles before the mom Goldendoodle is even impregnated using sophisticated Artificial insemination. This is done by Cody N Smith, and his wife Abby J Smith, the owners and breeders of NAR Puppies.

After the Goldendoodles are born, and enter the world, this is just the tip of the ice berg. Cody and Abby use special care and love to bring up the puppies for many months, making them stronger, smarter, and healthier in every way possible.

Cody and Abby help develop their senses on a daily basis, as well as help the NAR Puppies Goldendoodles develop stronger nerves for the world ahead for different situations they will face in their daily lives. Sophisticated training and handling of the puppies is used on a daily basis, as well as auditory and visual stimuli, to develop the best Goldendoodle puppies on the planet.

There are breeders out there that claim to be the best, that claim to be professional, that claim that they are a Goldendoodle breeder. The answer to the question is that there are very few breeders in the world that breed Goldendoodles, or or breed puppies the way does.

Our pricing is very affordable for the hundreds and hundreds of hours that goes into every litter, into every puppy we design and create.

Before buying from someone out there claiming to be a Goldendoodle breeder, or a puppy breeder, ask yourself are they as good, are they as professional as Cody N Smith, Abby J Smith, and The short answer will normally be no 99% of the time if not more. Cody and Abby are both christians, and are very honest, and strive the be the best and most professional puppy breeders on the planet.

To sum up the question in further today, the question why are Goldendoodles expensive? They are going to be more because of everything that goes into the breeding program it from a real reputable professional breeder like, than from an individual or business that is doing the least amount they can creating the same breed as NAR Puppies.

At, Cody and Abby stand behind their work, and their puppies they breed with a full health guarantee, registration, microchipping, along with our unique raising care of your puppy up until the time you adopt the puppy into your family from NAR Puppies.

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