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Golden Retriever Puppies - NAR Puppies

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Golden Retriever Puppies - NAR Puppies
Golden Retriever Puppies - NAR Puppies

Golden Retriever puppies are a wonderful, mischievous, but highly intelligent standard breed of dog that is recognized by AKC, the most reputable canine registry. NAR Puppies knows this breed better than anyone, delivering you highly informative information you will not want to miss out on in this article and video publication today.

Are you ready to uncover some exciting facts, myths, and must know knowledge about this breed? Stay with me to unveil the most shocking secrets of the Golden Retriever breed…

Odds are you were searching for “Golden Retriever Puppies” on Google or YouTube, the major search engines in 2019, and found our website, am I right? Or am I right?

Below are some of our most commonly asked question phrases new puppy owners, or new dogs parents may have before buying their new “Golden Retriever Puppy” from a breeder online. Let’s discuss some of them today, and I will tell you my expert opinion, based on my experience as a breeder and dog lover of this wonderful breed.

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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

One of the first things prospecting people looking for a Golden Retriever puppies for sale online have is, where to possibly start? First, we have Golden Retriever puppies for sale at, our puppies are registered, and we are listed as a verified AKC Golden Retriever breeder. In short, if you choose to not use us as a your breeder of choice, there is no magic best place to start. However, there are places and variables you need to be aware of in looking for a new puppy online. Keep reading below to know the best strategies for finding a legit puppy of this breed.

What Do I mean By “There Is No Magical Best Place To Start?!”

Deciding to adopt a puppy requires extensive research if you want to find a breeder you can trust and also a breeder that has all the variables that you are looking for in your new puppy from them.

What Should I look For When Looking For Golden Retriever Puppies For Adoption?

What I have learned is, people have different goals when looking to buy Golden Retriever puppies. With that being said, if you want the best, pure-bred quality with the best possibility of reducing genetic defects such as genetic health problems, as well as looking for characteristics that are the “breeds' standard characteristics,” then consider the following professional advice from NAR Puppies.

• Look for puppies and breeders that have registration from an organization that is trusted, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the CKC. Both of these registries are some of the most notable, trusted sources for Golden Retriever registry for pure-bred dogs in this breed.

• Reviews. Reviews are very, very important; reviews about the breeder or organization in particular, verified by a third party company such as Google reviews, BBB, Yelp or similar third party reputable review companies is a must. How else are prospective buyers to know the overall quality and legitimacy of the breeder and the puppies they produce without reading the company’s recent customer feedbacks? Exactly!

• Ask for health records from the vet. Legit breeders that care about the puppies they are raising for adoption, will take their puppies to the vet often. These breeders will be able to provide vet records of their shots and anything else about the puppies health, if anything else occurred during their raising up until adoption time.

• Ever heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Make sure the breeder is willing to take the time to show you good, if not excellent, quality and relevant pictures of the puppies you are interested in adopting from them. They should also be able to provide you with weekly or bi-weekly updates after you pre-adopt the puppy, to give you reassurance and peace of mind that they really have the puppy, and that the puppy is being well cared for. Be specific about the photos. You can ask to see the puppy beside a can of soda, for example.

How much are Golden Retriever Puppies' Prices?

The average price at the time of the article in 2019 for the Golden Retriever puppies price at NAR Puppies varies depending many factors. The average selling price can range from $1500-$2500, and we only sell within the United States. Factors or variables that can increase or decrease the price include color, size, gender, registration type, how rare the overall breed is, as well as the reputation of the breeder or organization raising the puppies, and their raising process quality.

At NAR Puppies we deliver puppies that are raised in an environment where they are constantly being taken care of by us, all day long. They always have fresh water, food, clean hygiene, and we also play and love on our little puppies as they grow, learn and prosper.

A lot of online marketplaces for animal adoption, and a lot of private breeder websites as well, charge much more than our average adoption price. However, we love our Golden Retriever puppies, and want them to go to a loving and caring family. Therefore, we also want them to be affordable to adopt for the average American consumers that will love them, and provide a great home for them as well.

Where Can I find Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Central Arkansas?

NAR Puppies services the entire United States for this breed. However, we exclusively are able to service Central Arkansas, North Arkansas, South Arkansas, East Arkansas, and West Arkansas easier than if cities and counties are located outside of the Arkansas state. This is because our main location is based in Arkansas. This gives potential new customers to be able to drive to us if they live in Arkansas more easily. These customers may pick up their new puppy in person after the adoption process is complete, and we schedule and both agree on a pick up date for your new little one.

What Does NAR Puppies Stand For?

NAR Puppies stands for “North Arkansas Puppies” in particularly. We also go by the name “North Arkansas Goldens & Doodles,” in addition to which is our official website.

Golden Retriever Puppies' Cost?

The Golden Retriever cost is not cheap. This dog is a specialty dog that is made for hunting, made to be a service dog, or just a highly intelligent, family friendly loving and caring dog. The price of adopting and buying your new puppy from us can range from $1500 to $2500. The puppy will have all of its shots administered by our vet and will also have additional medicine for worms, up until the time they are adopted. Normally, they are required to have more shots after adoption. Since most new puppy parents get their new puppy at 8 weeks of age from us, additional shots are also required after they go home with you, as they come to age and are then allowed to have the additional shots. A new puppy parent needs to consider a dog house, toys, food bowls, collar, leash, vet appointments, heart dewormer, general purpose dewormers, vitamins, puppy friendly shampoo, training, nail clippers, puppy food, and more as reasonable expenses to consider. All in all, after the first year, my best estimate is that the average Golden Retriever puppies cost is around a few hundred dollars per year. This cost includes, but is not limited to all the following cost category estimates above. This is my expert median-cost average estimate per one puppy.

Golden Retriever Puppies Little Rock

If you are looking for local Golden Retriever puppies in Little Rock, Arkansas, NAR has puppies that is within driving distance. Contact us today to find out more about adopting a new puppy.

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