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Shipping & Contract

Shipping Information

****COVID update: Due to COVID, the only airline currently transporting puppies at this time is American Airlines. They require all of the connecting cities and the destination city that the planes will be in to have temperatures of 85 degrees or below. In order to be able to fly your puppy to an airport near you, the temperatures have to follow those guidelines. Otherwise, we do offer ground transportation as well, and the cost is $550. The puppy is delivered to your door by a ground transportation service, and they will be in contact with you on their way to you. They stop every three to four hours to offer food and water and change bedding. They ask that the buyers be patient with delivery time as some puppies require more attention than other puppies. They use the Life360 app to allow you to track them on their way to you. You are also welcome to come to Arkansas to pick up your puppy. The airlines do allow you to travel with your puppy in the main cabin if you would like to fly. You will need to bring your own carrier to keep your puppy in during the flight. We can meet you at the airport with your puppy. The closest airports to us are in Little Rock, Arkansas or Memphis, Tennessee. Please contact the airport that you would be flying to and ask what their requirements are for transporting a puppy with you as carry-on. The puppies usually have to weigh less than twenty pounds and have to be able to stand up and turn around in the airline-approved carrier that you have them in.

If you do not live near us and are not close enough to meet us to pick up your puppy, we do offer shipping as an option. Shipping is available for an additional cost, and we have been successful with shipping previous puppies with no airline issues besides an occasionally delayed flight. Delayed flights do not happen very often, but when they do, we should receive an email from our courier service that provides the new flight information, and we will forward that information to you if that was to happen. The buyer will need to let us know which airport is closest to them. We ask for your three preferences of airports in case one of the airports is not available. Our courier service does their best to use the airport closest to you that they can, but some airports do not have the aircraft designed to carry live animals. Once we book the flight with our courier service, we will receive an email that will explain where the new buyer needs to pick up their puppy and what time the puppy will arrive. We usually receive that email around 7 days before the flight and will forward that to you once we receive it. Our courier service transports the puppy to the airport for us, books the puppy's flight, and handles all of the paperwork that the airlines require. The price for flying a puppy is $550, and we will need to be paid in full before the puppy is shipped. Once the puppy has been shipped, all shipping costs are nonrefundable. We will receive a health certificate in order to ship the puppy.  The puppy will come with a one-year health guarantee that is explained in the contract below. This contract will need to be signed electronically and sent back to us before the puppy ships. If you choose to take your puppy to the vet for any reason, we are not responsible to pay any of your vet bills. We will not ship a puppy if we know that the puppy is not healthy or feel that we shouldn’t. If any unfortunate, unseen circumstances happen to the puppy prior to shipping, and we have already received the puppy deposit or full payment, we will return that deposit or full payment to the buyer. We will do our best to make sure that the new buyer receives a healthy, happy puppy, but we cannot control everything. We do try our best, however! We will be in contact with the new buyer about any changes and keep them updated on all shipping info.  Any documentation such as AKC or CKC papers, insurance documents, AKC Reunite microchip document, and the shot/deworming record will be mailed separately so they do not get lost. Please read the contract below.

Example of Contract

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