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What Is The Mini Goldendoodle Lifespan?

Updated: Mar 7

What is the mini Goldendoodle lifespan?
What is the mini Goldendoodle lifespan?

Are you wondering what the age is, or what the mini Goldendoodle lifespan is? Here at we create, breed, raise, train, health test, and study the the Goldendoodle dog breed, all the way from their funny high-energy personality, to their genetic code and blood lines.

We often get lots of questions when a person, or a family wants to adopt a new puppy from me(Cody Smith), or my wife Abby Smith. This one in particular can have many many variables, so let me say I will answer in a honest, educated way, and let you know a few of the variables that can effect the total lifespan of any dog, but especially the mini Goldendoodle as well.

The Short Answer.

Mini Goldendoodles are filled with love, life, and often times a little ball of energy that cannot stop being enthusiastic about absolutely everything. With this being said, my short answer to how long a mini Goldendoodle can live is 10 to 18 years. I will say that 18 years is on the high end of my answer and is pushing it pretty bad, and it is more unique for a mini Goldendoodle to live that long, but it's not impossible.

The Real Complicated In Depth Answer.

As I stated above in this article, I stand by my 10 to 18 years average mini Goldendoodle Lifespan. However, if you want to my in-depth full detailed answered, the truth is that the age of a miniature Goldendoodle dog can be effected by the lifestyle it has pretty dramatically. If the dog in question is always given fresh clean purified water, excellent premium dog food, exercised regularly like walks, and really just overall loved and cherished everyday by his/her family, then you can expect the dog in question to live to a full natural life of 10 plus years. If you look at the pedigree DNA bloodlines of the Goldendoodle, we have found that a good indication for how long a mini Goldendoodle will live is found in their DNA bloodlines. For example, a real full pedigree mini Goldendoodle, has chromosomes from both of the parent canines that created it. In this case, the mini Goldendoodle, a full pedigree Golden Retriever living an average 10 to 12 years, and a full pedigree Poodle living an average 12 to 15 years. With this information we can also confirm that based on the pedigree lifespans of the parents of a mini Goldendoodle in question, we can confer or determine that scientifically the average lifespan would be at-least 10 to 15 years of age. We do need to keep in mind that when a Goldendoodle newborn is created, this is a new breed, a new offspring child of the two parent dogs we just talked about. The puppy in question only shares chromosomes with the two parents that created him, but really has entirely different genetic makeup than either one of the parents that created the puppy individually. This means that while genetic research, as well as ancestry research is important to note about the mini Goldendoodle lifespan, it is only used to get an estimate as many other variables mentioned above come into play, and these variables influence the total lifespan of a mini Goldendodole dog in question.

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