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This metal dog collar product is exclusive to NAR Puppies brand. It is available in multiple sizes, and metal finishes using the dropdown product options for this collar on this page. We recommend using the size charge below, and if needed measure around your dogs neck before ordering to make sure you get the size of collar you need.

Pro tip: Use the dog collar size chart below for best recommendations about sizing before ordering this dog collar to ensure you order the right and correct size.

Pro tip: recommends gett a collar a little bigger than you may need, if you are not exactly sure on the size of collar you should order. You can always make an additional hole in the collar using a needle, or sizzors as well if you ordre a collar a little to big. However, never make an additional hole in the collar to tighten the collar tighter unless necessary. Also, always take the collar off if and away from the animal if making adjustments like modifying the collar for example, to be able to make the collar tighter by adding an additional hold for the buckle on the collar if needed.


Length, in11.00 - 14.0015.00 - 18.0019.00 - 22.0023.00 - 26.00
Width, in0.671.021.021.02


Metal Buckle Dog Collar By

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