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  • How do I adopt a puppy from NAR Puppies?
    1) Step one, register a free account at 2) Step two, use our search and find tools to find the perfect puppy for you and your family. Use menu in the top left corner area of the page, on the left side our NAR Puppies logo. However over the button that says "menu" then a dropdown menu will appear on desktop devices. Go to the category you wish you to view. For example "Puppies For Sale" category to view and read more on a puppy that interest you. 3) Step three, after you find a puppy you interested in adopting, submit one of the available options on that specific puppy's detail page. Common available options/buttons your will find are "Adopt Now", "Ask A Question", and "Financing Available" options. Choose "Adopt Now" if applicable to you, then proceed to the next screen. This screen is an application to start the adoption process with NAR Puppies on that puppy. 4) After submitting the form, you will be contact our team shortly, to discuss any question and concerns you may have about making the puppy a new member of your family. At this time NAR Puppies will go over the entire process with you, and give more details about your puppy as well. If both parties wish to proceed, the adoption process continues with our teams guidence to the very end.
  • How do I pay for a puppy I am interested in adopting from NAR Puppies?
    1) First, find a puppy you interested in at by viewing the available puppies for sale. 2) Second, click the "Adopt Now" button on a puppy detail page that you want to adopt, then fill out the form to start the adoption process on that puppy. 3) Third, NAR Puppies will contact you give you more details on this puppy, and help you start the buying process on adopting the puppy you want.
  • Can I get my puppy transported/shipped to my address in my city?
    When you adopt a puppy at, we do offer transportation and shipping arrangement services depending on your unique location, and the size and age of the dog being adopted. If coming to pick up the location by flying in, or by driving in is not an option for you and your family, we have professional services that we can use to help transport the puppy safely to your location or city.
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